Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Very Simple GUI Using Traits

I ran across this post today about some magic with simple syntax for GUI building that Richard Jones is playing around with. It occurred to me to give a simple example of traits usage to do the same thing.

So, thanks to traits, our class definition looks quite clean, and we can provide some manifest typing as well. I show a screen shot of my ipython session, which was launched with ipython -wthread:

So executing line [5] pops up the GUI shown. One nice thing about traits is the built-in MVC architecture, which allows me to change the value in the choices class attribute and it informs the listening label , which is updated automatically. Notice that the value f.choices inspected at the command line is updated as well:

The main drawback I see between this approach and Richard's is the size of the tool chain. The TraitsGUI piece requires wxPython (or QT--it works with either), and some dependencies.

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